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Coding Ninjas Coupon Code FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about Coding Ninjas Coupon Code

Coding Ninjas coupon code is an offer provided by the company to provide some additional discount on the courses. These coupon codes can be availed from any past student of Coding Ninjas or some campus ambassador.

Past student will provide an additional discount coupon of 10%. While a campus ambassador can get you 12% off.

You can get a maximum of 42% discount irrespective of the course price. If your course is of 10,000 value, then you will be get Rs. 4,200 discount. But if your course is of 60k value, you will get FLAT Rs. 25,200 discount using this coupon code of Coding Ninjas.

No, Coding Ninjas only provides two types of Coupon codes, one is of additional 10% discount. While another is of additional 12% discount. So, already it is the maximum value coupon. 

You can get any Coding Ninjas online course for free. You just need dedication and determination. First of all you need to take the course of your choice by above mentioned method. You will get the course at 42% off. Then you need to complete it with full dedication. After the completion of the course, you can apply to internships through Coding Ninjas Placement Cell. Just apply for the internship of your choice. As all the internship provided here are paid, you can easily get back all your invested money within few months. Hence, Coding Ninjas courses will cost you for free, and you can earn good amount of money also.

You can apply at most 1 Coding Ninjas coupon code on an order on Coding Ninjas website. If you wish to add another coupon code, the first one will automatically be removed. It is not possible to apply more than one code on your account.

These links are basically the links of Coding Ninjas online classrooms having the coupon code already applied. As soon as you click on the link, you will be redirected to the classroom with the discount coupon of the referrer applied on your account.

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Click on the link to apply the 12% Coding Ninjas Coupon code on your account. Or you can also use JCHOK as coupon code at the time of checkout.

Different kinds of discounts that Coding Ninjas provides on their Online Courses

As such, Coding Ninjas provides various kinds of discounts. Some of them are occasional, while others are regular. Major discounts that Coding Ninjas provides are-

  1. Early Bird Discounts – This is the maximum percentage of discount available on Coding Ninjas online courses. In order to avail this discount, you need to register yourself in a later batch. The batch starting after a week will provide you an early bird discount of 10%. While a batch that starts after 15 days or later will offer you an additional 30% discount. This percentage alters occasionally, but generally it will provide 30% Off on all Coding Ninjas online courses.
  2. Coupon Code Discount – This includes additional discount that can be availed by adding Coupon code at the time of checkout. When you proceed to checkout, at the time of payment, you will see an option to apply Coupon code there. You can use any Coding Ninjas Coupon Code over there. There are two kinds of Coupon codes provided by Coding Ninjas. One is of additional 10% Off while the other one provides additional 12% discount.
  3. Alumini Discount – This discount can be availed by the past students of Coding Ninjas. If you have purchased any Coding Ninjas course before, then you will get 10% additional discount on your next course. But if you are eligible for alumini discount, then you will not be able to use any coding ninjas coupon code. Alumini discount and referral discount can not be applied together.
  4. Scholarship Tests – Coding Ninjas also conducts some scholarship tests generally once in an year. In that scholarship test, you can avail up to 100% OFF on all Coding Ninjas online courses. Last internship test was conducted in April 2021.

Best method to maximum discount on Coding Ninjas Online Courses

If you are willing to take a coding ninjas online course and you have not taken any course before. Then, I am providing you the method to avail maximum discount on the courses. And even if you have taken some course from Coding Ninjas before, then also I would suggest you to make another account on the website from a different email. Because, taking a course from a fresh account will provide you a greater discount using Coding Ninjas coupon code. And you will also get goodies on taking courses from a fresh account. As free goodies are provided just once on an account. 

So, you need to follow these steps to avail maximum discount on Coding Ninjas online courses-

  1. Create Account – As I mentioned above, you need to create a fresh account on Coding Ninjas official website. Even if you do not have a fresh account, create one with a different email. As courses from fresh account provides greater discounts along with free goodies worth Rs. 2000.
  2. Avail Early bird discount – Enroll on a batch starting from current date to avail 30% additional early bird discount. If you enroll on a current batch, you will get 0%-10% early bird discount.
  3. Apply Coupon Code – At the time of checkout, you will see an option to apply Coding Ninjas coupon code. Just apply “JCHOK” code there, an additional discount of 12% will be applied on your cart as Coding Ninjas discount coupon. Now make the payment and enjoy your course.

This is the best method to avail maximum discount on Coding Ninjas online courses. Overall, you will get 42% OFF, as 12% referral discount and 30% early bird discount on the courses.

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Click on the given link to get the 12% Coding Ninjas Coupon code applied on your account. Or you can also use JCHOK as coupon code at the time of checkout.

Detailed Coding Ninjas online course review with 18 Exclusive Features

That you might never heard of…

Hi !! Myself Vaibhav Dixit, a third year engineering student. Since, I have done 3 courses from Coding Ninjas with a teaching assistant internship. So, I can provide a detailed Coding Ninjas course review with all its 18 exclusive features. Also, I have provided guidance to 650+ students in last 1 year. You can check my referral count on Coding Ninjas Leaderboards. Since, there are many features which are recently added in their courses. Hence, you might not heard about these features before as some of them are recently launched. So, do read the my complete post on Coding Ninjas Review.

I took my first course in my second year which was of Competitive Programming. Also I got my first internship also after this course as a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming. I will also provide my review of Teaching Assistant internship at Coding Ninjas in near future. But for now, lets jump to the Coding Ninjas course Review and the features that Coding Ninjas provides to their students….

Commonly Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Coding Ninjas Coupon Code

Getting discounts on Coding Ninjas is very easy. You can just follow the steps provided above, and I can guarantee that you can not get more than this discount from any other method across the internet.

Yes, you can definitely get the Coding Ninjas online courses for free, but with limited access. Coding Ninjas provides Free trials on their online courses. In these free trials, some of the initial units of the course will be provided to you at absolutely free of cost without asking any bank details or so. But you will get an access to all the premium features of the course during this free trial period. It includes teaching assistant support along with Certificate of Completion.

To get a coupon code of Coding Ninjas, you just need to click on Apply Coupon button provided above. Alternatively, you can copy JCHOK and apply it at the time of checkout on your cart.

In my opinion, Coding Ninjas is best if you want to learn anything related to programming. I can say this with my personal experience as I have done 3 courses from here. You can think yourself, if someone does not like a course, then why will he choose second course from same website and after that third also. But still if you are not sure, then I will suggest you to go with free trials first.

Among Coding Ninjas and Coding Blocks, if you are willing to take any offline course, then go with Coding Blocks. But for online courses, Coding Ninjas is undoubtedly the best among all. Coding Blocks has a good grasp over their offline courses. Even though I have not taken any Coding Blocks course yet. But I am saying this from my observations and based on students reviews over internet.