Genuine Coding Ninjas course review with 18 Exclusive features

Hi friends !! Myself Vaibhav Dixit, a third year engineering student. I have done 3 courses from Coding Ninjas with a teaching assistant internship. So, I can provide a detailed Coding Ninjas course review with all its 18 exclusive features. Since I have provided guidance to 650+ students in last 1 year. You can check my referral count on Coding Ninjas Leaderboards. There are many features which are recently added in their courses. You might not heard about these features before as some of them are recently launched. So, do read the complete post.

I took my first course in my second year which was of Competitive Programming. Also I got my first internship also after this course as a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming. I will also provide my review of Teaching Assistant internship at Coding Ninjas in near future. But for now, lets jump to the Coding Ninjas course Review and the features that Coding Ninjas provides to their students. These are the 18 exclusive features of Coding Ninjas online courses-

1. Coding Ninjas Goodies Review

Many of the online courses provide free goodies with their course. But literally none of them are useful enough. They just do formalities by providing the goodies. But this is not the case with the Coding Ninjas goodies.

They provide a laptop bag of Wildcraft brand which is of amazing quality. I personally use it as my college laptop bag. The straps are very soft, laptop padding is perfect, and the compartments are spacious enough. There is also a black T-shirt which is 100% cotton. Others provide cotton polyster mix shirts. I personally use this t-shirt as my daily wear. Moreover, there is a laptop sticker also having Coding Ninjas logo. It is also of perfect quality having nice glue and matte lamination. It is on my laptop from past 8 months and it is still like new !!

This was the review of Coding Ninjas online course goodies. You will get these goodies with every course of Coding Ninjas. But if you take a second course, you will not be provided the goodies again. So, I will suggest you to take second course from a different account created with a new email.

coding ninjas goodies

2. Premium Account on Hirist​

Hirist is an exclusive job portal that contain some of the best jobs in the technology sphere across categories like Online, Mobile, Web, UI/UX and Enterprise like Sap, Oracle etc. You will  be provided a premium account on Hirist for free with every course of Coding Ninjas.

You will be provided a link to join the premium account after the completion of your course. And the premium account will be valid only for few months. So, make the best use of it in getting the best jobs and internships there.

premium hirist account

3. Practice Tests

Now Coding Ninjas has started providing Practice Tests after few topics which include questions related to the topics which were taught till that time. You can attempt the test multiple times, but the marks which you get on first time will be counted on your performance.

Moreover, you will not get any points on performing the practice tests after deadline. Interestingly, there is no marking with penalty after deadlines, unlike that of assignments. There are practice tests after each 4-5 topics.  And there would be definite time of 2-3 hours and a limited 3-6 questions to solve. Just like a real test. You can leave the test only after submitting it. The marks you get on first submission will be final.

Coding Ninjas Practice Tests

4. Coding Ninjas' Placement Cell

Coding Ninjas online course review is incomplete without it’s placement assistance. On enrolling in any course of Coding Ninjas, you will be provided an access to its placement cell. But you can apply to the jobs and internships only after completing at least 60% of the course. I got the first paid internship of my life through this placement cell, so I can provide you my review on this. The cell is amazing, new jobs and internships are updated every week.

There are many jobs and internships of Coding Ninjas itself in this cell. You can apply there and after that, you will be provided an opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in Coding Ninjas team. I got the internship of a Teaching Assistant of Competitive Programming in Coding Ninjas course. It was an online internship and it has a variable stipend depending on the performance. It was a great experience and I will recommend everyone to avail this opportunity.

Coding ninjas Placement Cell

5. Coding Ninjas Certificates

Next point which I would like to highlight in this Coding Ninjas review is the Certificate scheme. We are provided 2 certificates in all its courses. One is Certificate of Completion which is provided on 60% completion of the course. While other is Certificate of Excellence which is unlocked when you complete 90% of the course.

I am attaching my Certificate of Excellence of Competitive programming course here. You will get an idea from it about the quality of the certificates. 60% and 90% completion of the course means you have scored 90% marks collectively on the complete course assignments. If you are not able to score above 90% in total in all the assignments, then you will not be provided the Certificate of Excellence.

coding ninjas certificate of excellence


Now, in this Coding Ninjas course review, I would like to mention another exclusive feature of Coding Ninjas which is CODEZEN. It is an online platform for the Coding Ninjas students for practice. Also includes Problem of the day, blogs, practice questions on various topics, contests and webinars.

It also contains various practice tests for various internships of Coding Ninjas. You can attempt these tests as many times as you want. There is also a leaderboard which will count the scores of all the students practicing on CODEZEN.

Coding Ninjas Codezen

7. Teaching Assistant Support

The most important feature which I like to mention in my Coding Ninjas online course review is its Teaching Assistant support. Whenever or wherever you face any difficulty in the course, you can freely ask it from your Teaching Assistant. You will always find an option of ask doubt above all the videos and assignment questions. 

All your doubts will be resolved within few minutes of asking. Now, there is also an option to do video call via google meet with your teaching assistant to get better resolution of your doubt. You can ask as many doubts as you want. Even you can also ask a doubt multiple times until you get satisfied.

Teaching Assistant Support

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